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Name:Princess Amalia Sheran Sharm
Birthdate:Aug 18
{ p r i n c e s s   a m a l i a   s h e r a n   s h a r m }

Known as the Adventurer-Princess, she is a 14-year-old being called a Sadida. Because of this, she is able to talk to plants as well as control them. Despite her frequent bouts of sauciness, she is devoted to her friends, and can become extremely angry if they are harmed, and to helping Yugo find his family.

-- from Wikipedia

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This journal is currently played at [community profile] maskormenace. Amalia is taken from the end of Season 2 of the animated series, making her now 14 years old. For meme interactions she's open to all tags from any medium, but please no smut for her!

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